Terms and Conditions

The procedure for the execution and the submission of orders
1. The main condition for the execution of an order is the correct fulfilment of the order form located on our website.
2. Improperly completed forms will not be processed.
3. It is in order to send goods to customer that the payment for the goods including the dispatch costs has to be made.
4. The customer has the right to choose the delivery conditions included in the form.
5. The goods purchased in the shop are delivered to the address included in the form.
6. The goods are sent to the customer after receipt of the payment confirmation on working days from Monday till Friday. The delivery time is two days after the receipt of the payment confirmation or the date of posting.
7. The goods purchased on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday.
8. The customer can change or cancel an order by phone or by e-mail, if the goods are not sent.
9. The customer in not allowed to cancel an order if the order has been sent to him.
10. All prices include the value added tax.

Warranties and customer complaints

1. The goods offered in the online shop are new.
2. In case of a customer complaint, the customer should get in touch by phone or by e-mail.
3. If the customer is not satisfied with the purchased goods, the customer has 30 days from the date of the order placement for the return of the goods in the intact form. After receiving the goods in the intact form, the Marchel Business Group will refund the money for the goods to the purchaser (dispatch costs are covered by the customer). In case of returning the damaged goods, the Marchel Business Group reserves the right to the refusal of the refund.

The legality and safety rules

1. In order to place an order in the online shop, one should be at least 18 years of age.
2. Before a purchase, one should check if additional permission for a crossbow is required in the country.
3. The Marchel Business Group s.r.o. with the registered office in the Czech Republic is governed only by the Czech law, according to which an additional permission for crossbows is not required. We send crossbows to the entire world and we are not required to know the law in all countries in the world.
4. While placing an order for a crossbow, you receive the self-assembly kit. Video tutorial how to do this can be found here. Only after assembling all the parts, the crossbow gains the character of a weapon.
5. The Marchel Business Group s.r.o. does not incur responsibility for the improper use of any goods purchased in our online shop.

Principles for the proper use of a crossbow
1. Remove all parts from the box and put them together in accordance with the instructions on the video tutorial under this link:
2. Remember the safety rules! Never point the loaded crossbow at people or animals.
3. Be careful, never put fingers on the path where the bowstring moves after releasing the trigger.
4. Never shoot from the crossbow without a bolt – it may cause breaking the bowstring or crossbow limbs under pressure. Both of these situations can be dangerous to your life and health.
5. Never shoot from the crossbow with a damaged or worn bowstring. If the bowstring starts to wear out, replace it by a new one.
6. Using a crossbow in the temperature below 10°C can cause breaking crossbow limbs. Use the crossbow only in warm temperatures.