Privacy policy

Privacy policy
Marchel Business Group (MBG) reserves the right to enter amendments to the privacy policy. The Private Policy published on the website is applied to every customer of the MBG and to every user of services belonging to the MBG.
Any amendments made to the Private Policy do not affect the main principle: the MBG does not sell and does not disclose personal data and addresses of the customers or users of the services to third parties.
If you disagree with the Privacy Policy, please do not to visit our website and do not to purchase products and services offered by the MBG.

Personal details
While using the websites belonging to the MBG, you may be asked to provide us with some of your personal details.
We require only the information, which is necessary for the operation of the website. It is not providing the required data that will block the functions associated with the data.

Subscription of free newsletters
The subscription of free electronic newsletters belonging to the MBG requires providing the e-mail address in the relevant form. This field is mandatory.
The data obtained in this way is added to the mailing list. It is in the footer of each e-mail sent by us that there is a link thanks to which you can always unsubscribe from our mailing list.

Not announced messages
The MBG reserves the right to send not announced messages to persons, whose contact data it has and who agreed with the Privacy Policy.
Under the term of "not announced messages", the MBG understands the information referring directly to its websites, newsletters, services and products (e.g. changes, internal promotions), non-commercial e-mails (e.g. wishes, personal comments and the like) and commercial information, which have been paid directly by the MBG customers.
The entities commissioning commercial mailings do not have an insight into contact data of the persons being on the MBG address lists.
The commercial information is filtered as far as it is possible, its volume is limited and it is sent occasionally.

In case of questions, please write: